AsiaInfo founder calls for greater integration between telcos and OTTs

Operators should rethink their strategy and open their businesses more to OTTs according to Edward Tian, President and co-founder of Chinese BSS vendor AsiaInfo. In an interview with he said providing OTT services as a partner offering is not fully benefiting operators, and they should adopt a more integrated approach to collaboration.

AsiaInfo wants to bring Chinese thinking to the west

Chinese billing vendor AsiaInfo is enabling subscribers of Thai operator AIS to share data and minutes with each other, and even trade data for minutes, executives from the firm told Mobile World Live. “Users can also drag the slider bar …

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Telcos missing out on massive OTT profit opportunity, claims research

Mobile comms consultancy Northstream reckons European telcos are missing out on over €2 billion in potential profits that could come from effectively partnering with Internet players generally referred to as OTTs.