UK superfast broadband? Not in my backyard – MP

Vaizey fiddles with phone as MP tells of Cheltenham’s woes

A MP has questioned the government’s ability to provide superfast broadband nationwide if it cannot even meet its commitments “in an urban area such as Cheltenham”.…

Fatty Brit 4G networks SLOW DOWN. Too much Bacon, perhaps?

Leap in demand puts pressure on service, love handles blamed

Brits clamouring to sign new mobile contracts to get their hands on speedier networks might want to pause for thought: 4G speeds have halved in the past year just as demand rose.…

Can you really run your business on a smartphone?

We face the challenge

We have all seen them: people who wander around with a phone glued to their ear as if their entire world depended on it. And we have all worked with people for whom eye contact means sitting with head stooped peering at texts, emails or, occasionally, videos of real people.…

Government outlines plans for compulsory national roaming

The department for culture, media and sport has outlined its plans to tackle so called mobile not-spots in rural UK. The proposals include the option of compulsory network sharing, which would mean allowing users national roaming much in the same way that now only happens during international travel. The options proposed also include infrastructure sharing, […]

Telefónica Argentina hires Amdocs for BSS transformation

Telefónica Argentina and Amdocs have announced an extension to their existing partnership. Amdocs, the BSS specialist, will assume responsibility for a wider array of BSS services transformation for the telco, including billing and ordering, and legacy systems integration. Telefónica Argentina has previously collaborated with Amdocs, with transformation of BSS undertaken on the carrier’s wireless and […]

7 questions we’re dying to ask the internet’s MOST EXCITING BLOKE

There’s no foolin’ the UN’s telecommunicatin’ schoolin’ Houlin

It is some irony that the further away the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) walks from trying to run the internet, the more it understands it.…

Why Comrade Cameron went all Russell Brand on the UK’s mobile networks

National Roaming Rǝʌolution, innit!

Analysis Dropped calls between President Obama to Prime Minister David Cameron on the Vodafone network over Christmas led to the government getting bossy with the mobile networks, according to industry sources.…

Vodafone gets data-happy with NOW TV and Spotify

Vodafone has announced three initiatives encouraging more data consumption by UK and Australian users. The telco is announcing free subscriptions to BSkyB’s movie streaming service NOW TV for users in the UK, and free Spotify Premium accounts for Australian customers. Vodafone has stated that NOW TV is a free service to its 1.17 million LTE […]