Have the Swiss cracked the net neutrality riddle?

As internet’s stop-the-beastliness movement faces a fork

Analysis Broadband providers in Switzerland – a country synonymous with neutrality – have formulated new rules for ISPs that may save regulators and lawmakers from fruitless “net neutrality” battles.…

<i>Reg</i> mobile man: National roaming plan? Oh UK.gov, you’ve GOT be joking

Less is more plan not big or clever

Comment It seems the government’s solution to poor mobile phone coverage in the UK is to mandate a system that leads to less mobile phone coverage. They have got this backwards.…

Intersec nabs $20m to bolster telco big data initiatives

Intersec has secured $20m in a round of funding that the company will use to bolster the reach of its big data platform for telcos and its expansion outside of telecoms.

AT&T to acquire Mexico’s Iusacell

AT&T has announced it has agreed to acquire Iusacell from Grupo Salinas for $2.5 billion, including the mobile operator’s debt, all wireless properties and its 8.6 million subscribers. However, the transaction will only take place once Grupo Salinas has finalised its purchase of 50% of Iusacell that it currently doesn’t own. Iusacell, the third largest […]

4G, wifi drive out-of-home data boom – report

4G and public wifi networks now account for approximately 35.6 petabytes of data consumed by the UK public when out-of-home every month, according to a report by UK government advisory firm Broadband Stakholder Group (BSG). The study found that data consumed out of the home accounts for roughly 5% of all data used in the […]

Online tat bazaar eBay collapses in UK

Second-hand rubbish sellers RAGE as auction site goes down

Online tat bazaar eBay has collapsed in the UK, with intermittent outages affecting people around the country.…

Managing BYOD starts with asset management

I think therefore ITAM

The prevalence of BYOD (bring your own device) activity across the enterprise landscape has seen every IT vendor worth its salt try to offer a solution to the problem of keeping employees’ mobile devices under control.…

Russian internet traffic detours through China’s Frankfurt outpost

A tale of twisted traceroutes

Russian domestic internet traffic has in the past year sailed through Shanghai due to routing errors by China Telecom, network boffin Doug Madory says.…