Net neutrality, Obama, FCC, Title II … Your essential guide to WTF is happening

A law on publishing ship routes collides with TCP/IP

Analysis President Obama waded into the net neutrality debate on Monday by presenting a way to protect netizens and prevent the end of the internet as we know it: reclassifying “internet service under Title II of a law known as the Telecommunication Act.”…

Vodafone: Apple’s soft SIM is JUST AN EE SIM!

Not industry-friendly standard …

+Comment Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao has dismissed the Apple Soft-SIM as “just an EE SIM” and said that it would not be supported by his company.…

$47 billion global mobile operator revenue boost untapped – report

Mobile operators could boost annual global data revenues by $47 billion through brushing up their upsell strategies, according to a report by BSS solution provider Openet. The report suggests telcos should have a system in place which, by taking into account the customer context, automatically triggers the most relevant offer to be sent to the […]

Telcos, OTTs declare peace at Africacom

Peace broke out between telcos and OTT players on the opening day of AfricaCom 2014 in Cape Town, South Africa. The headline discussion panel attempted to tackle the longstanding issue of cooperation between mobile operators, which invest in the infrastructure to provide mobile broadband, and over-the-top (OTT) service providers, which rely on that infrastructure to serve their customers.

Submarine cable to connect Africa with the Americas

Cable network operator Angola Cables has announced its intentions to build the world’s first submarine cable network to link South America and Africa, in partnership with infrastructure provider NEC. The two companies are aiming to launch the fully operational South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) by the end of 2016. Covering the 6000km South Atlantic Ocean […]

Africa mobile data use rising, broadband speed lags – report

Mobile data connections and services continue to grow strongly in Africa, but the continent lags behind most of the world in terms of high-speed broadband connectivity, according to a report by analyst firm Ovum. However, mobile broadband connections in Africa are set to rise from 96 million in 2013 to 950 million to cover 77.3% […]


Nokia name finally extirpated from Redmondian handsets

Microsoft is finally putting its own brand on the phones it makes and sells. The company’s latest Lumia 535 drops the Nokia branding completely, sporting ‘Microsoft’ front and rear.…

Texas boffins put radio waves in a spin

Circulator would enable full-duplex cellphone operation on single frequency

University of Texas researchers have developed an electronic “radio wave circulator” they say would enable full-duplex communications on mobile phones using a single frequency band.…

AT&T drops plans for LTE data networking on commercial flights

Never mind your seatbacks and tray tables, this thing isn’t taking off

US mobile carrier AT&T is scrapping its plans to roll out high-speed data connectivity for commercial airline flights, a mere six months after announcing the effort.…