It’s official: Tor’s .onion domains will be kept off the public internet

IETF publishes RFC 7686 and makes edible bulb a reserved name

Software is forbidden from using Tor URLs ending in .onion on the public internet following the publication of RFC 7686, which makes the top-level domain a “special use” case.… plans to legislate on smut filters after EU net neutrality ruling

PM Cameron hardens against pr0n to ‘protect’ kids

Prime Minister David Cameron confirmed today that the Tory government planned to legislate on smut filters, following yesterday’s net neutrality ruling in the European Union.…

UK competition watchdog provisionally clears BT’s £12.5bn EE gobble

Briskly waves through telco takeover bid

BT’s planned £12.5bn merger with EE has provisionally been given the greenlight by Blighty’s Competitions and Markets Authority.…