AirWatch chairman warns industry it has duty of care over IoT data

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Alan Dabbiere, chairman and co-founder of mobile device management specialist AirWatch, is an enthusiast about the life-changing convenience of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, but stresses the importance of ensuring personal data use is transparent to the consumer and, above all, secure.“It's our job as an industry to protect the consumer somewhat from themselves, to make security transparent and to make it a natural part of the process [of logging on],” he told Mobile World Live in a recent interview.The good news, he added, was security could be achieved through advances in technology and mobile networks.“Identity management becomes a lot more critical part to the next generation of mobile,” he said. “Dual-factor authentication, bio-metrics, camera technology can all be used to make absolutely sure that you are who you say you are.”Dabbiere warned that any major problems with security could pull back the nascent IoT industry so far it might struggle to recover. “Let’s just make sure we keep security in the back of our minds,” he said. “I think the industry has done a good job so far.”To make sure security doesn’t stray off the agenda, Dabbiere said it was important that different companies and entities worked in partnership with each other. GSMA, he said, provided a useful forum for that type of collaboration to happen. "Security is not a thing,” declared the AirWatch chairman, “it’s a network, a set of companies and principles that all need to be interconnected.”Mobile operators, he insisted, are the fundamental building blocks of everything we are building on today when it comes to connected devices. “It really is incumbent on the telecoms industry to provide access at low cost and globally,” added Dabbiere.Watch the whole video here. [1][1]