EC opens consultation on 700MHz usage

The European Commission has launched a public consultation on opening up the 700MHz band for mobile broadband.Interested parties are invited to give their views on the options laid out by former Commissioner Pascal Lamy in a report published last September. [1]Lamy backed turning over the 700MHz band in Europe to be used for wireless broadband by 2020 (plus or minus two years).Mainly used at present for digital TV and wireless audio equipment, the 700MHz band is particularly suitable for mobile broadband, and much sought after by operators. The 700MHz band is also known as UHF spectrum.The consultation will run until 12 April 2015.Lamy also put forward a so-called “2020-2030-2025” formula which aims to offer regulatory stability for broadcasters in the remaining spectrum below 700 MHz (470-694MHz), which is safeguarded until 2030.The 2025 date refers to the deadline for a review to assess technology and market developments.[1]