Visa signs up new merchants for Checkout

Visa announced a number of merchants in the US, Australia and Canada which have joined its Checkout service.Checkout is designed to reduce the time taken by consumers for completing mobile and online transactions.In addition to announcing the new merchants, the credit card giant quoted a new comScore study that found a conversion rate for Visa Checkout of 69 per cent.Visa Checkout customers are also 66 per cent more likely to complete a transaction than customers who enter billing and card information in the traditional online checkout, according to the study.And the average order total placed with Visa Checkout is seven per cent higher than orders placed on retail and travel sites with other payment options.The new merchants signed up for the service include Dunkin’ Donuts, Fandango, Sundance Catalog and Williams-Sonoma in the US. In Australia, Pizza Hut, Ticketek and BONDS are joiners, while Indigo, Roots, Running Room and Simons are on board in Canada.